High Fidelity, nr 125/2014 EN

This is the first anti-vibration platform, perhaps excepting Finite Elemente Pagode Edition HD-09, whose timbre was characterized by greater density and whose center of mass was located lower than in the pneumatic platform from Japan, which is my reference. Others, even the best ones, brightened the sound, thinning out the midrange to a lesser or greater degree. Those with top-notch construction design offered specific benefits such as enhanced selectivity and stronger attack, and as a result made the sound more open and dynamic. These are all good things. However, I always used to have a feeling that there was something missing. That feeling would soon pass, only to be replaced by curiosity and respect for the designers, but my awareness of it was still there. This time, respect was accompanied by the feeling of fulfillment. It was as if I had spotted a large piece of amber – on a beach, amongst tangled seaweed – emanating warm light.

(“High Fidelity”, nr 125/2014)