High Fidelity No. 139, November 2015


High Fidelity main award – BEST OF THE BEST AUDIO VIDEO SHOW 2015: Studer + Chord + Cabasse + Pro-Ject + Cardas + Rogoz Audio. “The Voice system with the master-tape copy, played on a Studer 807 tape recorder, was a revelation. Listening to the Beatles then, one could understand what people complaining about digital sound really had in mind, and no one has replicated this with digital recordings yet. One of the sound features of the Audio Show was the Voice system, based on Chord products which we had tested, including a RED Reference One MkIII CD player (the test results to be published in December). The speakers used were Cabasse Pacific 3 SA. Three elements constituted sound sources: a Pro-Ject RPM 9 Carbon gramophone, a Chord DAVE DAC, and a Studer 807 tape recorder. All these were placed on a Rogoz Audio stand. [. . . ] One of the important elements of the Voice sound system was a Rogoz Audio stand, created by Mr. Janusz Rogoż (in the photo).”

[High Fidelity No. 139, November 2015]