Rogoz Audio manufactures specialist anti-vibration furniture: audio stands, speaker stands, and platforms. Our offer is aimed primarily at audiophiles, music lovers, and music business professionals, as well as all those who appreciate high quality of sound and design. Our ultimate goal is creating products eliminating interference between audio components to make it possible for every audio system to reach its maximum effectiveness so that the listeners will enjoy the best possible sound quality.

The furniture and anti-vibration accessories are designed for top quality audio components. A whole structure has been tuned by means of special blending of alloy steel and high carbon content steel. Decoupling and high-precision leveling is achieved by means of adjustable antivibration spikes. Some furniture incorporates soft anti-vibration pads to separate parts of the overall structure. A unique feature of our company is extreme flexibility. A regular price allows for certain modifications, and as a result each product is manufactured on a made-to-order basis. Major alterations of our standard products are also possible and are priced individually. Possible changes in standard patterns involve:

  • all sizes
  • the kind of frames of audio and speaker stands
  • the kind of tops and shelves of audio stands
  • the shape of speaker stand tops
  • the kind of decoupling
Varnish / sample frame and shelf colors - RAL
Varnish / sample shelf colors - NCS
Varnish / sample shelf colors - ICA
Wood veneer

The color sampler presented online is a very rough reference, and it is absolutely essential that the final choice of color be made on the basis of a printed reference RAL color sampler, which can be looked at or borrowed from most varnish and paint stores. The color samples presented online might differ dramatically from the original reference samples.